Fashionable Fitness


Following from my previous post, I am going to shamelessly share a pic of myself that I’m extremely proud of. Yes, I do eat a breakfast similar to that in the previous post everyday and indulge in 300-400 calories worth of chocolate daily. I only workout for about 30 mins on most days and don’t if I cant be bothered. It may have taken longer than most to reach my current body but it hasn’t taken much sacrifice!

Fitness is the stepping stone to fashion. The moment you are comfortable with your whole body, you will be more open and creative with your fashion and will understand why certain designers create certain silhouettes. Oh and lets not completely forget the health benefits of eating a balanced diet and exercise. Note, I said balanced and not clean or healthy because if a snickers bar a day makes you happy with 2 less days of life; I would chose daily happiness!


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