Brand Feature: Coco goes Lego!

When Karl Lagerfield turns to our favourite childhood pass time for inspiration, it can only mean one thing, its time to break some rules. Lagerfield displays that the realm of creativity truly has no bounds and I personally, love the direction fashion is moving in. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong, just keep is clean and classy (below Chanel displays that even trashy and grunge can look classy)! Play around with your wardrobe and you will surprise yourself!

Fifty shades of the rainbow:

Chanel moves away from single-tones primary colours to the other end of the spectrum. Dig out those finger-less gloves and metallic accessories (you know you have them)!




Pearls, pastels and flowers:

Stings of pearls- again its just a matter of digging them out! Pair them with a pastel top or dress and you’re as hot as you can be! I think Chanel has amalgamated all recent trends to come up with Spring 2014. Its a relief because inspired looks can be easily created! 



I absolutely love this last look; its such a pretty depiction of today’s young woman. Independent, classy, confident and carefree!



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