Special Feature: The Stylish Street

A number of fashion weeks for 2014, including Milan, Paris, London and New York have just come to an end. What excites me most about fashion week season, besides the huge showcase of creativity and design, is the street style (not quite sure why we call it that- its anything BUT street) that takes place. Models, stylists, fashionistas and fashion big-wigs that dictate future trends all conglomerate at the designated fashion-mecca. I find the individualistic style and outfits extremely inspirational and at times, entertaining. These individuals are not scared to experiment and they bring together a number of trends I wouldn’t have imagined myself. The personal essence put into the entire look is what makes them far more interesting and thought-provoking than movie premiers and launches. As you can tell, I take my fashion very seriously! Scroll through some of my favourites from the afore-mentioned fashion weeks.


Red with leopard is timeless but I would personally ditch the ciggy!


Those boots, that bag and the jumpsuit! Wow!


So simple, so classy and so sheike! And to add to it, its so doable!


Beige and plum are so high-fashion! The midi skirt is also one of the latest trends to come off the runways this season!


Black doesn’t have to be boring! Its timeless.


I am regretting not picking up that silk top from Zara, I did not envision it like this.


More midi skirts! I love everything about this look!


Man bag- yes please! Buy one tan leather bag; use it a lifetime!


A splash of neon never goes unoticed.


Epitome of comfort meets style. Who thought beg-time pjs could look so high-fashion! I also need that hat!

Be Inspired.


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