The Models & their Fortune

As much as we scrutinise, dissect and over-analyze the eating habits, workout regimes and personal affairs of top models, we have to admit that a good model can dictate how well a garment is perceived. Although these women are far from a depiction of the average woman, I, controversially, think that these thin, leggy creatures do take an outfit to a new level. Most of the girls today, however are more than just legs and pretty faces; Forbes’ Top 10 Highest-Paid Models of 2013, proves that this lot have a sharp head on their shoulders which helps them rake in the big bucks. Let’s scroll though the Top 10 in terms of $US earned this financial year. (This list definitely makes me rethink why I spent 5 years studying to become a Chartered Accountant).

Sacrificing bread & pasta wouldn’t be so difficult if we all were compensated so generously for it!

Be Inspired.


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