Special Feature: Man-Bags and Pocket Squares

Still caught in a reverie of the countless fashion weeks that have passed; this post is dedicated to all the men out there that respect fashion and understand the importance of a well-fitted shirt! Often, when we talk high fashion, we sideline and admittedly, forget about the guys. Having said that, this may actually be one of my favourite posts thus far (girls scroll down to see why)! It made me realise that one of the most attractive qualities in a guy is how he dresses and carries himself. The length of a sleeve, the cut of a trouser, the choice of cufflink, the texture of a pocket square and even the exact position of the ironed crease on a trouser can be the difference between elegance and shabbiness. A few tips for the guys that are new to all this, followed by inspiration from the runway and the streets of global fashion weeks:

Shirts: Shirts should skim the body with no pleats or gathering when you button at the chest. If you would rather not have a shirt figure-hugging, keep it slightly lose but too much billowing material just looks unkept. The cuff should sit in the curve where your wrist ends and thumb starts.

Trousers: Trousers should sit on the waist perfectly; too loose and a belt will cause gathering which looks untidy. In terms of length, the trouser should just touch your heel when you have no shoes on, so when you do have them on, your socks are perfectly covered. Although, in line with runway trends this season, a slightly cropped pant is also in vogue (as seen below).

Blazer: Arms should have complete movement, without the blazer extending too far beyond the shoulders. Like a shirt, the blazer should not wrinkle when you button it, but should skim the body with the slightest room. The sleeve should end right on the wrist bone, as to keep visible around 0.5-1 cm of the shirt. Most importantly, the jacket should end below the backside; a slightly shorter jacket will give you the appearance of a longer torso and a longer jacket will improve proportion.

Other than that, the fit of jeans and t-shirts can be experimented with to suit individual body types and personalities. Once the fit is mastered, play around with fabrics, colours, textures and style to represent you! I love the way the men below have individualised their looks with accessories and quirky accents.


Bottega Veneta 2014- For me, its all about the man-bag.


Canali 2014- Colour me blue.


Paris Fashion Week 2014- The glasses add character.


Burberry 2014- Colour-block, only if you dare.


London Fashion Week 2014- The cropped pant.


Nautica 2014- Neutrals.


Milan Fashion Week 2014- All personality.


Milan Fashion Week 2014- Tan leather is eternal.

Be Inspired.

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