Special Feature: Frocks and Fascinators

In the midst of back-to-back Fashion Weeks, a number of races, including the prix de l’Arc de Triomph in Paris, the Breeders Cup in London and the Melbourne Cup were held. And with the Dubai World Cup a day away, it seems only fitting to look at 2013’s Derby trends and fashion. We all know that the races are only an excuse to add a fascinator to our collection and it seems that as the stakes get higher year-on-year, the fashion gets quirkier.

The Melbourne Cup was definitely one of the biggest events on the social calendar at the Accounting firm I was previously working with and rightly-so as it gave us women the opportunity to frock-up and get creative. Its probably the only time of the year you can wear gargantuan and eccentric head-pieces without being questioned and it looks like this year, we have taken full advantage of that.

The races may be a woman’s day in terms of fashion, but I have noticed that the men also put their best foot forward at the Derby and I, personally, have seen some of the best styles come out during this time of year. Lets look at some of my favourite frocks, fascinators and mens fashion!

The Visuals:

Be Inspired.


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