Trend Feature: Clutch Me

They may not be the most convenient of trends, but there is something about a clutch that can take an outfit to a new realm of fashion.

As most trends, the clutch has become quirkier and more versatile over the years. In my recent experiences with clutches, you can find one in every architectural silhouette, colour, size and texture imaginable. Just when I think that the clutch trend has reached its pinnacle, big fashion houses call upon their whimsical masterminds to craft pieces that only they could conjure up. The clutch could owe its popularity to the very reason that there are no limits to the construction of clutches and hence are appropriate for most occasions and outfits.

The dilemma that this clutch movement has put me in, is that every time I go shopping or open a magazine, I see one that tops the clutches I already have. This means that before I knew it, I had a clutch collection which is swiftly developing (although unapologetically).

There is truly a clutch for every occasion and they do not discriminate whether you want to carry it as an accessory or carry your life in one. I have chosen my favourites from the Spring/Summer 2014 collections that have been launched over the passed month or so. With the array of designs and fashion houses, it was quite the task for me to choose out my favourites so this one is a big visual diary. Also, as always, remember that these pictures are for inspiration and they should be used to spark ideas about how to construct a look using a clutch! CLICK on the images for a description!

Be Inspired.


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