Brand Feature: Dolce & Gabbana- My Baroque Dream

Pondering where to start this post because I have waited so long to share with you all the brand of the year for me; Dolce & Gabbana. Not a design-house that I have relied upon for inspiration in the passed, but this year I feel like the Autumn/Winter AS WELL AS Spring/Summer 2014 collections had my name written all over them (I truly do believe I was an Italian princess who lived in Venice in my passed life). Having said that, I’m sure this feeling that the designs evoke are very strategically conjured by the masterminds behind the colossal fashion empire and that most women would be feeling the same way.

I present to you, both the Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer collections as I wasn’t blogging at the time I became infatuated with the first collection. This year, D&G has drawn heavily upon the baroque trend and made sure that they cemented it for years to come. Baroque, for those who may not know, refers to an artistic trend/style of the early 17th-18th century in Italy and subsequently Europe. It depicts exaggeration, grandeur, exuberance and theatre which transported itself into architecture, music, drama and dance. In terms of fashion, baroque  would refer to excessive and intricate embellishment, complex construction and regal sensationalism, which D&G has perfectly embodied.

The Autumn/Winter collection saw a lot of gold and red, jewels and heavy embellishment. Where as, more pastels and florals were employed in the Spring/Summer edition. A combination of lace, sheers, fur and prints, made it evident that it was all about texture and colour clash. Accessories were also larger-than-life, with jewelled clutches and ornaments, floral headbands & shoes and overstated headpieces, adding to the already extravagant garments. Make-up was fresh and bare with only lips-popping in oxblood or rose.

D&G, this year has inspired me greatly and I hope I can showcase this my my forthcoming Personal Style Features (I can already imagine my metallic gold skirt from MANGO and red Zara top come into play). 🙂

This one, I promise you is one visual spectacular, so enjoy!!!

Be Inspired.


2 thoughts on “Brand Feature: Dolce & Gabbana- My Baroque Dream

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