Special Feature: The Fallen Angel- Miranda Kerr

As promised in my previous post about the Victoria’s Secret Angels (http://globalfashionfiend.com/2013/11/06/victorias-secret-i-wish-i-knew-it/), here’s presenting you a special photo feature of my favourite ex-angel- Miranda Kerr. As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, this woman is a complete inspiration for me, in terms of fashion, health, beauty, intelligence, lifestyle; basically everything! In my eyes, she’s a modern-day mould of what a woman can and should be- the best version of themselves.

Along with her day job (travelling the world and shooting/walking the ramp in the most picturesque locales), she owns a mini beauty-product empire, she works out, she cooks her own meals, she runs a household, she spends time with her son and most importantly, looks beyond stunning while juggling her hectic life.

The pictures I have compiled of Miranda from various facets of her life have inspired and motivated me in many ways!

Note I did not mention her husband and their impending divorce; I just can’t fathom her life being anything but perfect!

Be Inspired.

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