Trend Feature: Black on Black on Black

Black is easily the most versatile, most used and most flattering colour (or absence of colour if we head into technicality) when it comes to garments and accessories. Whether it be the corporate world, the runways or formal evenings, black has and will always be the go-to hue of choice of most people.

I have to admit that black plays a huge role in every aspect of my wardrobe, from bottoms, to tops to dresses as well as accessories and shoes. I turn to black pieces to coalesce other unique pieces and in times of confusion. Black can tone-down, formalise and make an outfit more elegant. And to top it off, it really is flattering for all body shapes as it contours your silhouette.

We all love black, but a trend that has cropped up that you should save for a day that you have little time to get dressed and don’t want to compromise on your style quotient is the head-to-toe in black outfit. Over the passed 6 months, I have encountered fashionistas worldwide employ this trend and execute it with aplomb.

An all-black outfit is great to showcase a statement piece, whether it be an exquisite accessory as below or another piece of garment. A favourite on the streets also seems to be an all black outfit with a neon statement.


Layering is employed here by Olivia Palermo (the ultimate fashionista) and Miranda Kerr (yes, the obsession continues). Add jackets, coats and even black stockings to up the elegance.


Adding accessories is key to the all black look. A completely colour-free outfit would look bare, so adding accessories takes attention away from the colour. The hats, bags, boots and sunglasses are all key elements of the looks.


A really good technique to add dimension to your all black outfit is to ensure multiple textures. Leather, fur, velvet and weave all feature in the outfit below.


So next time you’re running late or just confused, turn to the dark side!

Be Inspired.

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