Trend Feature: The Quintessential Shirt

I say quintessential because everybody SHOULD have a perfectly-fitting, crisp white-collared shirt as a key piece in their closet. While I’m writing this, my pursuit for the perfect fit remains incomplete. The hurdles I’ve faced in my quest include the sleeve being too short, the button around the chest popping-open with movement, the shirt creasing too easily or not conforming to my required length and even having too high a level of transparency for my liking. As evident, there is a number of criteria a basic white shirt must satisfy in order to venture its way into your wardrobe.

The white shirt’s fundamentality lies in its colour and versatility. White suits all tones and a proper fit flatters all body shapes and types. The white shirt has featured increasingly all over the runway, streets and even the red carpet over the passed decade. Although typically seen within the corporate sphere or used to fulfil the classic white shirt-jeans combo; this season has seen eccentric use of the white shirt.

Lets visually explore the many contemporary expressions of the classic white shirt.

Miranda Kerr below shows how to work the white shirt in a layered look and a classic white shirt and jeans look. Keeping the shirt untucked with a cardigan creates dimension to the outfit. She’s also in line with the fedora trend I featured earlier this week (



The white shirt can be paired with any statement skirt or pant. The gold skirt look below is a perfect office-to-dinner outfit. Also seen below is Sharon Stone on the red carpet, pairing a simple white unbuttoned shirt with a Vera Wang creation.



The white shirt dominated runways this season with Viktor and Rolf Spring/Summer 2014 using it in a corporate sense.


The layered white-shirt-under-a-dress is by far my favourite way of wearing a white shirt. The shirt transforms the look of the entire dress and can give a dress that you would wear once, more usage.


White shirts were classically a man’s domain and I love how classy and refined the relaxed look below is.


I also love to use my shirt unbuttoned on top of a swimsuit at the beach as a coverup or even with the ends tied as a crop top with jeans right (

Be Inspired.


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