Trend Feature: The Metallic Mend

It wasn’t too long ago that this trend was considered a cheap and vulgar faux pas but the dictators of fashion have spoken (in this case Burberry), sparking a metallic craze that has lasted much longer than I had envisioned, and who are we mere-mortals to fight it. Just discover, embrace, conquer and own it! Since its inception in gold and silver, the metallic trend has moved on to pastels and further into dark gem-colours.

Key tips to master the trend:

  • Keep it simple with one statement metallic garment only! Metallic on metallic only works on runways and red-carpets.
  • Accessories are a great way to ease into the trend.
  • Keep the other elements of your outfit pretty basic.

Although Cara Delevingne has braved metal on metal, she has kept it quite neat and simple.


The metallic-mania became cemented with Burberry’s S/S 2013 line.



These silver pumps seem to be a wardrobe staple now.



Blake Lively, pairing her metallic skirt with neutrals.




Metallic nails- straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie.


Metal can be used to add a perfect amount (idea of perfect is arguable) of bling to low-key outfit.


Although Rihanna can look good in even a garbage bag, this is too much metal for my liking.


Be Inspired.


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