Trend Alert: The T-shirt Statement

Ever had that feeling where you wanted to kick yourself for not discovering a extraordinary look already sitting in your wardrobe, sooner? Well I’m enduring that as we speak!


I have, on countless occasions, admired, tried-on and left stores WITHOUT buying personality-reflecting statement t-shirts. The only justification for this is that for some bizarre reason, I always associated a tee with jeans and I refuse to dress so casually most of the time. However, yesterday while cleaning out my wardrobe, by some strange alignment of planets, I found my grey Tweety-Bird tee (which I wear to bed) tucked into my leopard print blazer; it was an epiphany of sorts. Along with this moment of greatness, was a moment of regret, thinking of all the statement tee’s I did not buy because I didn’t want to wear them with jeans or to bed. Off course I’ve seen celebrities employ the technique numerous times but somehow its evaded me. Not for long!

Statement t-shirts are a fabulous way to express who you are and the mood you’re in; in a more literal way. They are also extremely comfortable and flattering! Intense research later, I have found my favourite looks from various corners of the world.

Pairing a statement tee with a well-fitted blazer and/or statement neckpiece, is the perfect way to spruce up a simple tee. And because a tee is so basic, it is the perfect opportunity to overdo the bling!


Don’t be sacred to undermine a statement skirt by pairing with a tee; infact wearing a basic tee will draw attention to the skirt!



Wearing a statement tee is the perfect way of playing-down a skirt/pant- suit, giving you more wear out of these once-formal pieces.


Awaiting the jewels of my statement tee online shopping stint! 🙂

Be Inspired.


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