Trend Feature: Oversized Genius

Successful designers may rake in enormous bucks but occasional trends often remind us why these trade geniuses deserve every dime.


The insecurities of women about their bodies are an age-old issue, but they seem to have garner steam in the passed few years. While us women were pondering whether to skip the carbs, a brainy bunch decided to solve the issue for us so we could have our bread and eat it too! Enter- oversized clothing. Exaggerated shoulders, colossal hips and extra-long sleeves all became trendy this year and the result of extra volume was smaller (looking) women.


A style may have looked a bit far-fetched on Lady Gaga a few years ago, has finally trickled down to us mere-mortals. Tops, jackets, shorts, hats, sunglasses, handbags and even scarves have been put on steroids this season depending on the part of body you wish to flatter.


I have often walked away from clothing because I had thought it was too ridiculous to by a certain size. But after trying on a men’s t-shirt (which I fell in love with), I realised that oversized clothing can be extremely flattering as well as sexy. Browse through some of my favourite oversized looks!

ImageImageImageImageImageBe Inspired.


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