Special Feature: Dress to Express

As life experiences make me wiser and more in-touch with who I am, I realise that my style and clothing increasingly (albeit unintentionally) reflect MY moods and personality. In fact, being accepted, even appreciated for my individuality is much more important than adapting my idea of fashion to impress others. That’s not to say that non-acceptance and disapproval would have any affect on my personal expression of myself. I am me and I’m proud of that!

Now you may be thinking that a fashion blog is an inappropriate portal for a motivational speech, but popular bloggers have inspired me to acknowledge how important it is to ‘dress to express’ rather than ‘dress to impress’. Admired fashionistas of today are independent, individual and modest. None of these ladies have felt compelled to over-bare to draw attention and have still managed to gain adulation, clearly indicative of an accepting and new-age society.

It is the perfect time to explore, experiment and express, bereft of judgement and disapproval- not that it ever mattered. So be inspired; just don’t feel restricted to the bounds of the fashion industry. Fashion is one small element of your personal expression of self.

Enjoy the compilation of some of my favourite recent blogger styles.

Be Inspired.


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