Trend Feature: Maroon Reborn

Maroon, not to be confused with red, plum or wine, is making scattered appearances on runways, red carpet and the street! The trend which was embraced by all, only a few years ago, has made a come back to garner the applause and due it truly commands.

The versatility of the colour and its possible forms, remains somewhat unexplored. I say somewhat because the colour has appeared on the runways this season, along with oodles of ingenuity.

Maroon has proven to be more adaptable than camel and navy blue; converging seamlessly with prints, various textures and forms.

The avatars of maroon on the runway:

a20f3914f567fe09dbffdfff4a0e7b58 a8d5f1bcfc4b2fd8c739d9f1ba7cfb2b a3e2ab1556d5d91fa0ef199d5b765d24 b95bbe00549be32d2724e0bbb5691840 1ce9331296fc8bf6a62a3df9f2860a0f831b83b0ffa5924e7048462cefa43db714763cdc6f140026792653d08658307f

Celebrity Style:

a15803469312f1c39c89ded93149dcad 5d91dd69bb128bdac1a07e948be99d6f d246edd310d1ecd1d4a0dada07294f00

On the streets:

8b6628c57d934bff34979990810d9a1e 30761ce43a53822c9a05330021de393a c574d04f9d20d30c3f7ccf95f4d6c529 481f05ec6708e6fdfbfc3498aa6cddef 59a500de4477f51eccd01e63d6c3708f ad401b320de1b5ebe85db5bcc8d3b925 f3c1c7dc7c2f6ddb0d6a29f64ce21d69 f9cff24676641cd2ee85be2e29fef264

I’ve already jumped on the maroon bandwagon; leopard print and stripes with maroon is a favourite as well as maroon lipstick paired with simple white eyeliner!

Be Inspired.


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