Special Feature: Christmas Wishes

Here’s wishing everyone a joyous festive season! Although I don’t celebrate christmas in the traditional sense, it does give me an excuse to whip up a feast and go shopping for presents. And as anyone else dedicated to fashion would agree, any excuse to go shopping!

I love the atmosphere around this time of year; the carols, the lights and the general happiness. Christmas, boxing day sales, new years’ eve and new years day, all squeeze themselves into a week-long summer celebration (in Sydney, Christmas means beaches and barbecues).

My favourite things about the season are united global celebrations, kris kringle, shortbread and the colour red! LBDs take the backseat, while everyone brings out their many hues of red, which happens to be my favourite colour! I will explore the colour and its place in your closet soon, but for now- go embrace the Christmas spirit!


A red gown, by Bangalore-based designer, Reshma Kunhi. I got lucky enough to showcase it right before Christmas!

Be Inspired.


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