Brand Feature: Giorgio Armani

Expression Privé

Inspired by the Armani Privé Spring 2015 Couture collection launched on the 28th of January, which employed predominantly nature as its stimulus; I questioned my understanding of fashion which prompted me to explore the crux of fashion and why I think it all started and how its purpose has been skewed.

Wearing clothes is a means to convey modesty and respect. Fashion, however, is a tool to adapt how we display ourselves, in order to express visually, our individuality and facets of our being. What we wear reflects a lifetime of experiences and encounters as well as daily moods.

Each piece within Armani’s range intelligently displays various accents from the diverse range of inspiration provided by the rainforest. From the hue-balayage of greens, blues, browns and blacks to the flowing but jagged cuts, Armani explores the nuances of nature in a unique way in every piece. As a medium of expression, the collection provides a perfect palette to appease a myriad of personalities and physical proportions.

It is a widespread notion that fashion and vanity are complementary ideas, when however fashion, in my opinion, illustrates respect and exploration of one’s being. Fashion provides a channel to convey our essence in this critical and rigid society. As non-judgemental as I may perceive myself to be, if my Doctor turned-up in shorts and slippers, I would have my apprehensions.

The wide-legged culottes, the taut waist-belts and the blue-brown unity within Armani’s exotic anthology represent innovation, discovery and advancement; giving us more colours in which to paint our daily fashion canvas. He treks though a vast spans of casual-wear, office-wear and eveningwear with a continuity of the emotion evoked by the creations.

The predominance of chiffons, silks and brocades as well as subtle embroidery and minimal embellishment adds the texture and character of the rainforest setting; whilst also providing characteristic elements to consumers to further articulate themselves.

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Be Inspired.


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