Special Feature: Golden Globes Fashion 2014

Film award season and fashion go hand-in-hand and the 2014 Golden Globes gave us a chance to see Hollywood’s finest (and not-so) on the red carpet. With opinions on the couture of the women of Hollywood saturating fashion portals worldwide, … Continue reading

Personal Style Feature: Blacks and Blues

Being back in Sydney for a short trip gave me the opportunity to capture some moments from Sydney Festival at Hyde Park. A bit dressed-up because I was heading out with friends after! For someone who takes their fashion quite … Continue reading

Special Feature: New Year’s Eve Swag

New Year’s Eve (NYE), in my opinion, is the most exciting night in terms of styling and fashion. No outfit is too eccentric or over-the-top. Whether you’re staying home or heading to the most happening gig in town, you have … Continue reading

Trend Feature: Maroon Reborn

Maroon, not to be confused with red, plum or wine, is making scattered appearances on runways, red carpet and the street! The trend which was embraced by all, only a few years ago, has made a come back to garner … Continue reading

Brand Feature: Zuhair Murad

In a fashion era in which we have such a huge contingent of brands and designers to draw upon for inspiration and expression, only a few manage to really claim the limelight for their creativity and originality. One such designer … Continue reading

Special Feature: Dress to Express

As life experiences make me wiser and more in-touch with who I am, I realise that my style and clothing increasingly (albeit unintentionally) reflect MY moods and personality. In fact, being accepted, even appreciated for my individuality is much more important … Continue reading

Trend Alert: The T-shirt Statement

Ever had that feeling where you wanted to kick yourself for not discovering a extraordinary look already sitting in your wardrobe, sooner? Well I’m enduring that as we speak! I have, on countless occasions, admired, tried-on and left stores WITHOUT … Continue reading

Trend Feature: The Metallic Mend

It wasn’t too long ago that this trend was considered a cheap and vulgar faux pas but the dictators of fashion have spoken (in this case Burberry), sparking a metallic craze that has lasted much longer than I had envisioned, … Continue reading

Brand Feature: Elie Saab Spring 2014

Warning: the following post is dominated by frills, florals and serious frockage, courtesy Elie Saab! Elie Saab certainly put on a visual delight on the runways for Spring 2014, with the flawless amalgamation of lace, sheers and florals. The focus … Continue reading

Brand Feature: Dolce & Gabbana- My Baroque Dream

Pondering where to start this post because I have waited so long to share with you all the brand of the year for me; Dolce & Gabbana. Not a design-house that I have relied upon for inspiration in the passed, … Continue reading