Personal Style Feature: Blacks and Blues

Being back in Sydney for a short trip gave me the opportunity to capture some moments from Sydney Festival at Hyde Park. A bit dressed-up because I was heading out with friends after! For someone who takes their fashion quite … Continue reading

Trend Feature: Flowers & Animals; Tartan & Stripes

A trend which I was initially in two-minds about (which is why I held-off writing about it) has finally grown on me, giving me the confidence to prattle about it. The issue in question is print-on-print.


It seems that ‘matching’ and ‘coordination’ have been redefined in recent times. I remember my mum often telling dad that you can’t wear navy socks with brown leather shoes or your shoes and belt must always match. But today, those ‘rules’ don’t exists.


Over the passed few months, I have come across numerous print-on-print combination to which my thoughts have responded, “I guess”. But as the trend evolves and I see more women pull it off with ease- I wonder why I was ever averse to it.


The idea of pairing florals with leopard print is arousing and inventive. No limits seems to be current mantra of fashionistas worldwide and we better enjoy it because I’m sure the rules, as we knew them, will become trendy soon enough.

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Trend Feature: Oversized Genius

Successful designers may rake in enormous bucks but occasional trends often remind us why these trade geniuses deserve every dime.


The insecurities of women about their bodies are an age-old issue, but they seem to have garner steam in the passed few years. While us women were pondering whether to skip the carbs, a brainy bunch decided to solve the issue for us so we could have our bread and eat it too! Enter- oversized clothing. Exaggerated shoulders, colossal hips and extra-long sleeves all became trendy this year and the result of extra volume was smaller (looking) women.


A style may have looked a bit far-fetched on Lady Gaga a few years ago, has finally trickled down to us mere-mortals. Tops, jackets, shorts, hats, sunglasses, handbags and even scarves have been put on steroids this season depending on the part of body you wish to flatter.


I have often walked away from clothing because I had thought it was too ridiculous to by a certain size. But after trying on a men’s t-shirt (which I fell in love with), I realised that oversized clothing can be extremely flattering as well as sexy. Browse through some of my favourite oversized looks!

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Trend Feature: Trackies with a Twist

With the rains washing away the weekend, here in Bangalore, with not a glimpse of sun and the temperature 5-10 degrees cooler than what we are used to, it’s only apt that I get blogging from under the covers with a bubbling mug of creamy hot cocoa (with more than a few marshmellows).

On a day like this, I seem to convince myself that trackies/sweatpants (or whatever you choose to call them) with a hoodie and Uggs are extremely stylish (which they can be; if you’re Gisele Bundchen going home from a yoga class). However, it then struck me that fashionistas worldwide were succumbing to this train of thought and some unknown fashionably-evolved species had used this same reasoning to start a trend.

Sweatpants have been widely accepted as the clothing-of-choice of travelling celebrities but they have since, promoted themselves to global catwalks. Over the passed year, I have encountered numerous sightings of fashion icons at high-end shows wearing styled-up versions of the sweatpant. Thinking back, I remember my first reaction was along the lines of…’Why?’. But as the year progressed and I witnessed an increasing number of my usual inspirations succumbing, the look grew on me. Check out some of the looks below that played a hand in me conceding to the trendy trackie trend.

I spotted the trend on attendees at London and Paris fashion weeks respectively. The trackies, in this situation have really been given much regard, being teamed with high-fashion accessories. I think the key is keeping the colours neutral and the look seemingly safe.


Grey, black and white seem to be the path to encroach when attempting, which could backfire if not kept simple. Rihanna, with the assistance of that banging body, makes a statement.



Although, if you’re daring enough, going for a coloured trackie could also work but I would only attempt this if you have mastered confidently pulling-off the trend.


The latest trackie trend is the leather adaptation. Seen below is the introduction by Herve Ledger Spring 2014 collection as well as Alessandra Ambrosio embracing it.


The sweatpant fit is quite flattering and would be high on the comfort radar too! Looking forward to giving it a go!

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