Special Feature: New Year’s Eve Swag

New Year’s Eve (NYE), in my opinion, is the most exciting night in terms of styling and fashion. No outfit is too eccentric or over-the-top. Whether you’re staying home or heading to the most happening gig in town, you have … Continue reading

Trend Feature: Maroon Reborn

Maroon, not to be confused with red, plum or wine, is making scattered appearances on runways, red carpet and the street! The trend which was embraced by all, only a few years ago, has made a come back to garner … Continue reading

Brand Feature: Zuhair Murad

In a fashion era in which we have such a huge contingent of brands and designers to draw upon for inspiration and expression, only a few manage to really claim the limelight for their creativity and originality. One such designer … Continue reading

Special Feature: Dress to Express

As life experiences make me wiser and more in-touch with who I am, I realise that my style and clothing increasingly (albeit unintentionally) reflect MY moods and personality. In fact, being accepted, even appreciated for my individuality is much more important … Continue reading

Trend Alert: The T-shirt Statement

Ever had that feeling where you wanted to kick yourself for not discovering a extraordinary look already sitting in your wardrobe, sooner? Well I’m enduring that as we speak! I have, on countless occasions, admired, tried-on and left stores WITHOUT … Continue reading

Trend Feature: The Metallic Mend

It wasn’t too long ago that this trend was considered a cheap and vulgar faux pas but the dictators of fashion have spoken (in this case Burberry), sparking a metallic craze that has lasted much longer than I had envisioned, … Continue reading

Trend Feature: The Quintessential Shirt

I say quintessential because everybody SHOULD have a perfectly-fitting, crisp white-collared shirt as a key piece in their closet. While I’m writing this, my pursuit for the perfect fit remains incomplete. The hurdles I’ve faced in my quest include the sleeve … Continue reading

Trend Feature: The Fedora Files

You may have seen a fedora on someone and admired it, but thought its probably not your cup-of-tea; or you may have bought one, tried it on a million times but never garnered the confidence to wear it out. But I can guarantee, that one successful fedora-day will have you buying them in all variations of colours and textures.

Whether it have a functional purpose like sun-protection, covering-up a bad hair day or hiding your face (reserved for the celebs) or used solely as an accessory, fedora’s have engulfed the fashion-scene in recent times. The fedora trend hasn’t spared men, women or celebrities alike and like many trends recently, this one too, is quite versatile.

The fedora was seen all over the streets this year. Variations of the fedora spread as far as the imagination including felt, straw and leather, in numerous colours. My personal favourites are the felt fedoras in maroon and beige!




We have seen Johnny Depp in multiple fedora avatars over the years, usually paired with on-trend glasses and dishevelled hair. In my opinion if there is only one celebrity that can match Depp on the drool-o-meter when it comes to fedora’s; Matt Bomer of White Collar fame, who has a new one to flaunt in each episode to frame those deep blue eyes.

fedoradepp fedormen

The women prefer the fedora-with-sunnies look and I personally prefer the hair worn out or in a low ponytail. I’m not too sure about Beyonce’s look here; I don’t think it flatters her face but Rosie Huntington-Whiteley pulls a quintessential fedora-face.



Get experimenting with those fedora’s now!

Be Inspired.

Trend Feature: Black on Black on Black

Black is easily the most versatile, most used and most flattering colour (or absence of colour if we head into technicality) when it comes to garments and accessories. Whether it be the corporate world, the runways or formal evenings, black has and will always be the go-to hue of choice of most people.

I have to admit that black plays a huge role in every aspect of my wardrobe, from bottoms, to tops to dresses as well as accessories and shoes. I turn to black pieces to coalesce other unique pieces and in times of confusion. Black can tone-down, formalise and make an outfit more elegant. And to top it off, it really is flattering for all body shapes as it contours your silhouette.

We all love black, but a trend that has cropped up that you should save for a day that you have little time to get dressed and don’t want to compromise on your style quotient is the head-to-toe in black outfit. Over the passed 6 months, I have encountered fashionistas worldwide employ this trend and execute it with aplomb.

An all-black outfit is great to showcase a statement piece, whether it be an exquisite accessory as below or another piece of garment. A favourite on the streets also seems to be an all black outfit with a neon statement.


Layering is employed here by Olivia Palermo (the ultimate fashionista) and Miranda Kerr (yes, the obsession continues). Add jackets, coats and even black stockings to up the elegance.


Adding accessories is key to the all black look. A completely colour-free outfit would look bare, so adding accessories takes attention away from the colour. The hats, bags, boots and sunglasses are all key elements of the looks.


A really good technique to add dimension to your all black outfit is to ensure multiple textures. Leather, fur, velvet and weave all feature in the outfit below.


So next time you’re running late or just confused, turn to the dark side!

Be Inspired.